Technical Definitions

Reliability refers to the operation of hardware, the design of software, the accuracy of data or the correspondence of data with the real world. Data may be unreliable if it has been entered incorrectly or if it becomes outdated. The reliability of machines, software, and data determines our confidence in their value. - Official IB definition

Our Definitions in "Plain English"

Reliability refers to how well hardware or software works, to what extent can it be relied on. Also refers to how accurate the data in the program is, the more reliable something is the more confidence the customer will have when using it.

Images/Videos and Explanations

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Examples/Positives of Reliability

An example of reliability is anti-virus, an example of this would be mac cleaner for mac that cleans all of the viruses out of your computer and keeps it running well.This increases the reliability of your computer by ensuring that there is nothing that could potentially slow it down.

Non-examples/Negatives of Reliability

For example in a database data could be outdated, making it less reliable.. an example of this is the mail merge issue in the school England where they didn't renew the information in their database so when the school sent out an automatic email all parents they also sent an email to the parents of a girl who had died months earlier telling her she was in trouble for skipping school.

Relevant News Articles (article on reliability)

Number of reliability issues have come up with smart phones

The most frequent areas that fail include operating system (32.6%) battery life (12.3%) touchscreen (12.2%) microphone and speakers (6.1%) GPS (4.05%) bluetooth (3.7%) physical keyboard (3.3%) display screen (2.8%) power point (1.9%)

IPhones have the highest reliability rates out of all smart phones, one reason for this is that they come with a guarantee and when ever something happens Apple offers services to get it fixed. Another reason for their level of reliability is the ease of use that comes with using an IPhone.