Technical Definitions

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There are two main ideas revolving around the concept of People and Machines
  1. The influx of machines in a humans daily life, and the growing dependence and relationship between the two. The second idea is that technology is advancing is such a fast rate that certain men ad women might entrust a computer for example in making very important decisions that under certain circumstances a human might be better off doing.

Our Definitions in "Plain English"

There are two ideas that revolve around the concept of People and Machines:
  1. How machines are becoming more present in the average humans daily life, and on the dependence humans have with technology and the relationship.
  2. Technology is advancing so quickly that one day it may be trusted to make decisions that are very important, though these decisions might be better made by a person under certain circumstances. - Beltran

Images/Videos and Explanations

This drawing shows how technology is so involved in our lives it is practically in our blood stream and it is becoming one of us.
In Wall-E humans have become so dependent on technology that they now play virtual sports, etc. and have floating chairs carry them everywhere because they are so lazy.

Examples/Positives of People and Machines

  • Technology in everyday lives will help with simple tasks
  • It will save time
  • It could be better financially
  • It could help people with certain disability complete certain tasks that otherwise they would not be able to do
  • Machines can analyze complex decisions better than humans can (and in faster)

Non-examples/Negatives of People and Machines

  • It will make humans lazy
  • It could take the joy out of certain things
  • Humans will slowly become less intelligent because all of the mentally hard work is being done for them
  • Humans add emotional values to their decision which sometimes saves them from making a mistake
  • It can result in great danger, or even lead to death (Example: auto driving car that can drive itself. People will completely rely on the car, and one thing could go wrong and cause great accidents.)

Relevant News Articles
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