Technical Definitions

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Digital citizenship can be defined as appropriate behavior that represents the responsible, ethical, and legal approach that individuals take in any situation with respect to the use of IT. Digital citizenship permeates, in one way or another, all of the preceding social and ethical considerations.

Our Definitions in "Plain English"

The correct way in which the Internet user should behave when using the Internet.

Images/Videos and Explanations

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Examples/Positives of Digital Citizenship

  • We learn how to behave towards the Internet
  • When used responsibly, we can share more information.
  • Digital Citizenship assists research.
  • Digital Citizenship helps commerce.
  • Digital Citizenship assists work.
  • Digital Citizenship improves education.

Non-examples/Negatives of Digital Citizenship

  • Cyber bullying
  • Information can be easily tracked
  • People can loose their jobs because of what their Facebook lookes like
  • Students do not get into some universities because of the same reason

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