By: Alicia Orive & Barbara Marban

Technical Definitions

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Globalizations means the diminishing importance of geographical, political, economic, and cultrual boundaries. IT has played a major role in reducing these boundaries. For example, any dramatic event anywhere in the world can be broadcast almost instantly by television or on the internet. However, the new “global village” may lead to the extinction of minority languages. - from the IB

Our Definitions in "Plain English"

Globalization means the ability of information and any other material to travel around the world without encountering many boundaries.

Images/Videos and Explanations

Google's globe and a global economy

This is a video that exp
external image google-search-globe.png
lains how globalization is not bad and how it is impossible to stop. It also explains the effects technological globalization has had on the economy. The image that Obama is talking about in Google's central (side).Every dot is a person searching through google and every color is the different languages that are being used.

No more barriers:

This video shows how the diminishing of barriers can help create a united and safe world. It is also a good example of how sites like Facebook or YouTube are ways for people like him to express his views and ideas. If these sites are banned from certain countries, then they are not able to access this information nor to express their own views.

Why do governments want to shut down the internet?

As we can see in the video, everything is ont he internet. Everyone with axis to is is able to get any information anywhere in the world. The map of the world with its boundaries is no longer valid because nothing is stopping anyone from entering a server in Africa, China, India, France or any other country. So countries like China censor these sites so that globalization is not able to enter their country. They do not want to have equality of access because and informed mind will be able to have a voice and overthrow any government who is not doing good to them.


What Changes in Software are a Problem for Globalization?

  • Language4759535950_7bca6684c8_z.jpeg
  • Computer-encoded text
  • Different systems of numerals
  • Left-to-right script vs. right-to-left script
  • Audio
  • Date/time format (2/3/2011 could be February 3, 2011 or March 2, 2011 depending on how it is read)
  • Currency
  • Images and colors (issues of comprehensibility and cultural appropriateness)
  • Weight and measures
  • Symbols
  • Cultural values
  • Social context

Examples/Positives of Globalization and Cultural Diversity

  • Zara (Inditex): at first a Spanish fashion store, now it has more than 1,500 stores around the world including online.
  • Business now use electronics so transactions are made faster and there is a higher international competitiveness giving the consumers greater choices.
  • Interactions across boundaries lead to the mixing of cultures where it was impossible before.
  • New ideas and images are integrated and spread to provoke reactions and resistance. This allows people to have more insight on what is happening on the world an now if they are happy with how they are.
  • Diversity has become a global value, promoted through international organization and movements.

Non-examples/Negatives of Globalization and Cultural Diversity

  • On the other hand, there are countries who try to diminish the material entering from other cultures.
  • external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQu-BfKxQJ--H6YZSZ_jsUQWIYb3ycw2LMwgyT92c1weQqhrDxiwWFDu0uLFor example, China has banned 100 songs from being feautred in websites for being out of tune with the country's cultural authorities.
  • This allows bigger multinationals to take over the world and exploit third world countries for their resources.
  • A desire for westernization may override certain cultures and they would be lost, also called cultural imperialism.

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