Final Projects Complete!

I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all of the students who worked diligently on completing their wikis. For many of them, this was their first experience creating a wiki. Student feedback on the experience of making a wiki was overwhelmingly positive. Students enjoyed that they could create a product that was for a real audience, include pictures and video to make a multimedia experience, and all have the power to edit and access their pages. The negative aspects of the project were that they could not all edit their homepage at once, editing and formatting was sometimes difficult, and they had limited control over formatting of text and appearance.

Group 1 Wiki
Group 2 Wiki
Group 3 Wiki
Group 4 Wiki
Group 5 Wiki


You will make a website (wiki) designed to educate the general public about E-Waste. We will use Wikispaces to create the wiki. I have created a Project for each group. This project is private (i.e. only viewable by your group and the teacher) while you are working on it. On the due date, we will publish the wiki to be available to the general public.

What is a wiki?

Wikis are a collaborative space for publishing a website. Probably everyone is familiar with Wikipedia, the public-created and maintained web encyclopedia. This Common Craft video on Wikis in Plain English explains the basics of wikis.
A great wiki for ITGS students and teachers is ITGSopedia. This wiki is maintained by a group of experienced ITGS teachers who also have experience marking papers for the IBO as well as giving trainings and workshops to new ITGS teachers. They work together to make this great resource for themselves and others on topics related to the ITGS curriculum.

Project Timeline

Oct. 19
Research and take notes on your topic.
Join Wikispaces and have a meaningful screenname.
Continue researching.
Oct. 21
Continue research.
If sufficient research – begin writing a draft of the text content of your topic. Minimum 500 words. Be sure to include sources.
Complete your draft of the text content of your topic. Be sure to include sources.
Oct. 24
Introduction to wikispaces.
Start your page within your group’s website.
Complete first draft of your page.
Oct. 25
Get feedback from group members and/or give group members feedback.
Edit and/or add to assigned group mate’s page.
Oct. 26
Group members put finishing touches on website.
Complete website. Before Friday, copy the final text from your individual page into a Word Document. Turn it in through Moodle to the Assignment.
Oct. 28
Present and share websites with the class.
Read Tech-related articles (your RSS feed is a good place to start). More information in the Moodle assignment.

Wednesday - Taking Notes on Your Topic

Here are some excellent resources for information on E-Waste:

Friday - Taking Notes on Your Topic

Research expectations:

  • minimum of four good sources - articles, Organization's websites, videos from news organizations
  • although Wikipedia may be used as a starting point, it does not count as a "good" source. The references on a Wikipedia page might be a good place to find more information.

First draft expectations:

  • Clarity - Your writing should be clear. Short bullet points should be avoided unless necessary for making a list, such as countries with E-Waste pollution.
  • Informative - Pursue the Goldilocks Principle of giving the just right amount of information on your topic - not too little, not so much that it is useless details.
  • Organized - Use section headers to break your topic into smaller pieces.
  • Minimum of 500 words.
  • Sources referenced.
  • In your own words - you will submit your final text to

Monday - Introduction to Wikispaces

In today's class, you will learn a few important skills in Wikispaces. Then, you will create your Wiki page.

As a group, you should decide:

  • What will your introduction/homepage look like? How will you link to the other pages within your wiki?
  • How will you cite your sources? Will the sources be cited within each page, at the bottom of each page, or will they all be on a sources page?

Tuesday - Peer Editing

Start the class by having a look at how you will be assessed, both as a group and individually.
Goals for today:
  • Those who have finished a first draft of their page - pair up within your group and carefully go through each other's page. Refer to the assessment guidelines. Evaluate the page, making changes and improvements as you go.
  • Those who have not finished a first draft of their page - continue working on the first draft of your page. You will need to Miss Jennie the draft of your writing (the homework over the weekend). If you have not done your draft, you will have lunch detention in Miss Jennie's office until it is completed.

Wednesday - Group and Individual Assessment

Each of you will receive an assessment sheet. You will have 5-10 minutes to assess your overall website according to the Group Assessment Guidelines. Then, you will discuss within your group which areas require improvement and agree within the group who is responsible for each area for improvement.

You can also download the Wiki Individual Page Checklist. Use this as a guideline to evaluate a teammate's wiki page and provide him/her with feedback.


Before Friday, copy the final text from your individual page into a Word Document. Turn it in through Moodle to the Assignment.


Click here to see the assessment categories and descriptors for both the Group Work and the Individual Work.