Next Monday and Wednesday, you will do a 5-10 Minute Prezi presentation (in pairs) on a topic or issue.
Here are a few examples of ITGS student Prezi presentations. Please note that these do not necessarily completely fit the format of this project, but should give you an idea of what is involved:

Topic 1: Managing and Securing Files

  • Palomera and Emilio - Wednesday
  • Al - Monday

Topic 2: Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

  • Pepe and Beltran - Monday
  • Begoña and Barbara - Wednesday

Topic 3: Malware

  • Norberto and Jorge - Wednesday
  • Jose and Polo - Monday

Topic 4: Piracy

  • Alina and Alicia - Monday
  • Yun Ji and Julie - Wednesday

Topic 5: Protecting Intellectual Property

  • Yoonjee and Sondra - Wednesday
  • David and Quentin - Monday

Analyzing an Article In Your Presentation

Project Timeline

Objectives During Class
Monday, November 28
Learn about the project, begin researching.
Complete practice Prezi if you have not already done so.
Tuesday, November 29
Continue researching your topic.
Each person must find one current news article that relates to his/her topic. A good article should do one or more of the following:
  • Present an issue from multiple perspectives of different stakeholders.
  • Give you an opportunity to discuss current or future issues related to your topic (strand 1).
  • Connect clearly to a real-life application of your topic (strand 2).
Wednesday, November 30
We will start the class discussing the articles you found. You will try to connect your articles to a Strand 1 and/or Strand 2 topic.
Continue researching.
You and your partner should complete your first draft of your Prezi. Using the Edit Together option, you should be able to collaborate on a Prezi in real time.
Friday, December 2
You and your partner should put the finishing touches on your Prezi. Time allowing, you should do a run-through of your presentation, deciding who is in charge of presenting different sections.
Finishing touches and practice presenting.
Monday, December 5
Al, Pepe and Beltran, Jose and Polo, Alina and Alicia, David and Quentin
Moodle practice module on user interfaces.
Wednesday, December 7
Palomera and Emilio, Begoña and Barbara, Norberto and Jorge, Yun Ji and Julie, Yoonjee and Sondra

Friday, December 9