Topic 1 – Managing and Securing Files

With so many people having digital information on multiple devices, it is easy for them to lose data, accidentally delete a file, and have different versions of files in different locations. In this topic, you need to teach the audience about backing up and syncing. You need to teach the audience what it is, real-life implications of this issue, and provide a lesson on how to use Dropbox to sync important documents over multiple devices.
Strand 3 – IT systems
- vocabulary – backup, sync, “the cloud”
- what is it, why do users do it, different stakeholders, etc.
- an in-depth explanation of Dropbox
- identify other applications for Windows/Mac
Connect to a strand 1 issue or issues
Connect to a strand 2 issue or issues
Identify stakeholders
Present a news article or articles that identify recent developments or future areas for research or growth, evaluating benefits/drawbacks of the development

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Palomera and Emilio's article: Dropbox CEO - 45M Users and Just Getting Started
Al's article: Dropbox Under Fire for Security Concerns
Dropbox in Plain English