Topic 2 – Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

We have briefly discussed some of the settings built in to different OSs to support access for people with a variety of disabilities: vision loss, hearing loss, mobility or dexterity difficulties, etc. In this topic, you need to teach the audience some specific examples of how assistive technology helps people with a variety of disabilities.
Strand 3 – IT systems
- Hardware: input and/or output devices that provide support and access
- Specific examples from an Operating System (Mac or Windows)
- Examples of Commercial (and/or open source?) Software available (e.g. MacSpeech dictate, Dragon Naturally speak, etc.)
Connect to a strand 1 issue or issues
Connect to a strand 2 issue or issues
Identify stakeholders
Present a news article or articles that identify recent developments or future areas for research or growth, evaluating benefits/drawbacks of the development

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iPad Opens World to a Disabled Boy

New Software Making Blind Students Computer Savvy

TED talk in which a man with cerebral palsy composes and conducts music: